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AutoPlay Cat Ball

AutoPlay Cat Ball

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Introducing the Electric Rolling Catball – an exquisite device designed to delight your feline friend like never before. This stylish – yet powerful – piece of equipment features an electric rolling ball, perfect for chasing and exploring. Let your cat experience the exhilaration of their own special ball game. Get ready for purrs and cuddles galore!

Feed your feline's wild side with the Electric Rolling Catball! This interactive toy features a built-in electric motor to keep your kitty entertained for hours as it rolls around the floor. With its unpredictable movement, it's sure to inspire tons of playtime fun and a whole lot of chasing!


- Smart mode. 

- Easy to use with on/off button. 

- Automatically shuts down after running 5 minutes.

- Activate start mode by tapping. 

- USB Charging. 

- 30 Day money back guarantee. 

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